Problem Solution: Global Communications

Problem Solution: Global Communications

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Problem Solution: Global Communications

The Global Communications Company has some major issues. Being aware of communication barriers, Global Communications will be able to make better plans in its globalization strategy. Global Communications faced too much competition. Local, long-distance and international markets are all competing for the same business, (UOP Scenario). The issues effecting Global Communications varied depending upon the stakeholder involved. The company needs to create an effective way to communicate what it wants to do, who will be affected, and the benefits of the anticipated changes.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Global Communications did not research the communications market and there was too much competition present. The company had to find ways to make sure that its business survived. There had been a lot of competition in the long distance and international market, so the Senior Team decided to introduce new services to small business and consumer customers. The Senior Team was composed of: Katrina Heinz, Sy Rodriguez, Nancy Everhardt, Joel Thompson, and Maria Antez. “According to the 2007 UOP Global Communications scenario, The Senior Leadership Team had plans on creating an alliance with a satellite provider, and offer video services in conjunction with internet access; this will help the company compete with local telephone companies.” Global Communications developed cost-cutting measures that would improve profitability.

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The leadership team decided to move some of their call centers to India and Ireland, to further to reduce cost and be marketable on an international level. The employees had issues with this. Employees were concerned with losing their jobs or being laid off, and those who stayed with the company would face a salary cut. Management ineffectively communicated the changes to the employees. “Effective Communication is vital to all organizations because it coordinates employees, fulfills employee needs, supports knowledge management, and improves decision making,” (McShane & Gilnow, 2005, p.5-6). Communication is critical in knowledge management. It helps distribute information to the appropriate individuals in an organization. This move could help the company profits increase, which should lead to more job opportunities. “By outsourcing, the company could become a global resource and be transformed into a global corporation in three years, “(UOP Scenario). Global Communications faced issues with effective communication. The Senior Team consisted of both males and females and the gender communication was poor. The women could not properly relate things to the men and vice versa. Most of the communication was via emails. Email communication causes several problems. Information overload is probably the biggest. The senior team members probably received several emails per day. The second problem with email is that it is an ineffective medium for communicating emotions. Due to the fact that a lot of correspondence was sent via email, Global Communications needed to be conscious of the non-verbal messages that are being conveyed. If Global Communications planned to market itself globally, they would need to consider cross-cultural communication. Employees must become more sensitive and competent in cross-cultural communication because this will create a diverse group of people that the company will communicate with. Global Communications has an opportunity to get involved in the globalization business trend, but a lot of preparation is needed. “By improving decision making knowledge management, employee needs, and coordination, workplace communication has a significant effect on organizational performance,” (McShane & Gilnow, 2005, p.8).
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
Global Communications faced an ethical dilemma when it came to the company employees. Global Communications decided to outsource thousands of its technical support jobs to new call centers in Ireland and India. This will cause some employees to be relocated, but a significant layoff is expected. Global Communications cost cutting measure to improve profitability by outsourcing was criticized. The philosophy of the company is “Our Edge Is People” and with the relocation of the jobs the employees felt like their welfare was not being considered. Each of the stockholders is trying to find ways that the new strategy will be beneficial to them and their employees. The management team has the responsibility to grow the company and to determine the long-term goals for the success of the company, while protecting the best interest of their employees. The company gave up over 20 percent of the education and health benefits because of the financial pressure. The union is trying to get them to understand that without committed employees the company will not grow and improve. The employees that are relocated will receive an average 10 percent salary cut and many will be let go. “Employees become loyal when communication processes keep them informed about what is going on,” (McShane & Gilnow, 2005, p.22).
Problem Statement
Global Communications will improve communication. “One recent report estimated that a company’s market value increases by over 7 percent when it improves its communications integrity, “(McShane & Gilnow, 2005, p.8).
End-State Vision
Global Communications will formulate new and innovative ideas for product development that will improve profitability. GC will compete aggressively on an international level and become a global corporation. Effective communication is a must for GC to remain the leading communications company. GC understands that knowledge is the competitive advantage, and the management leaders need to maintain an open flow of communication up, down, and across the organization. GC will continue to be a leader in the communications industry.
Alternative Solutions
Benchmarking help to find different problem solving methods used by other companies. Once you have learned the way other companies solved problems they were having, it is earsier to formulate strategies to solve the issues facing Global Communications. Based on the companies that I researched, overcoming communication barriers is by far, the best and most important strategy a company can use. Global Communications will offer effective communication classes to employees. This will help reduce many of the barriers to effective communication. Lowering wages can prevent outsourcing. The company can offer other employee benefits to help compensate for the reduced
Analysis of Alternative Solutions
The best alternative solution to solve the problems at Global Communications would be to learn effective communication.
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques
Global Communications runs the risk of losing employees due to the pay cuts. The profit from outsourcing balances the difference from the drop in profits.
Optimal Solution
The optimal solution is to merge with another company that is providing communication services. You can save money by merging with other companies providing the same services.
Implementation Plan
Evaluation of Results
Global Communications will be a global communications company in three years. Stock prices will increase due to the innovation of new products and ideas.
Global Communication has many problems. The outsourcing of jobs caused an ethical dilemma for GC because the technical support jobs were outsourced to India and Ireland. Some of the domestic employees were relocated within the company, but the majority will be laid off. The company had a philosophy stating their edge was the people, but after this move the real motives of the company were questioned. By providing career counselors the company showed that they were concerned about the welfare of their employees. There is a lot of competition among the companies. To compete in the market, GC has to introduce new services and products. GC wanted marketing on a global scale, but in order to accomplish this they need to learn some effective communication skills. In a world of increasing globalization and cultural diversity, organizations face new opportunities as well as communication challenges. “Employees must become more sensitive and competent in cross-cultural communication. They must also overcome their reluctance to communicate with co-workers from other cultural groups,”(McShane & Von Gilnow, 2005,p.47). Global Communications will need to change the way they communicate. They will need to develop a better alliance with the Union and communicate on a broader spectrum with employees. Global Communications will need to find ways of keeping an edge on the competition by remaining an innovator in the telecommunications arena.

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Table 1
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Issue Opportunity Reference to Specific
Course Concept
(Include citation) Concept
Global Communications viewed themselves as a competitor on the local market. When implementing a strategic plan to outsource thousands of its technical support jobs to a new call centers in Ireland and India, they failed to address the issue of cross-cultural communication. Global Communications will market itself more aggressively on an international level. This move will cut cost and will improve profitability. “Cross Cultural Communication allows employees to become more sensitive and competent to other cultures. For example, Middle Easterners speak loudly to show sincerity and interest whereas; American may view this as being aggressive,” (McShane & Gilnow, 2005, p.48). Cross Cultural Communication
Global Communications Senior Team consisted of both males and females. Men dominate the conversation and talk time with women. During the team meeting, the women were more concerned with the well being of the employees while the men tend to focus on the company profit. Global Communications can bridge the gap between men and women by becoming aware of how linguistic styles work and how they influence perception and judgment. “Gender differences in communication can create communication problems that undermine productivity and interpersonal communication,”
(Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004, p. 30). Gender Differences in Communication
Global Communications potential was minimized due to existing problems that were caused by the lack of knowledge in the telecommunications market. Global communications did not thoroughly research the market. Too much competition existed and Global Communications needed to offer other services. Global Communications will be able to distribute information to the appropriate employees within the organization. “Knowledge Management shows how communication influences the quality of decision making,” (McShane & Gilnow, 2005, p.4). Knowledge Management
Global Communications obviously, have many communication barriers that affect their globalization approaches. Management awareness of communication barriers will allow Global Communications to aggressively market itself and develop improvement strategies to become a global corporation. “Communication barriers interfere with the transmission and reception of a message,” (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004, p.7). Barriers to Effective Communication
Global Communications failed to build loyalty through justice and support, some level of job security, organizational comprehension, employee involvement, and trust. Employees with organizational commitment have higher job performance ratings, which will benefit Global Communications profits. “Organizational commitment is strongly influenced by trust and the psychological contract,” ((McShane & Gilnow, 2005, p.2). Organizational Commitment

Table 2
Stakeholder Perspectives
Stakeholder Perspectives

Stakeholder Groups
The Interests, Rights, and
Values of Each Group

Employees Respect, job security, and fair pay
Executive Officers Profitability
Union Vice President Fairness, accountability, social responsibility

Table 3

Analysis of Alternative Solutions

Table 4
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques
Alternative Solution Risks and Probability Consequence and Severity Mitigation Techniques
Offer effective communication classes •
• • •
• • •
• •
Lower wages • employee dissatisfaction
• • • decreased product production
• • • offer more employee benefits
• •
Inject more fun at work •
• • •
• • •
• •

Table 5
Optimal Solution Implementation Plan
Deliverable Timeline Who is Responsible
Effective communication Quarterly Human resources
Technological developments Semi-annually Employees
Employee satisfaction Monthly Management
Positive Emotions Monthly CEO

Table 6
Evaluation of Results
End-State Goals Metrics Target
Global Communications will provide a diverse line of products to consumers abroad. Increased profits; rise in stock prices Target all consumer communication needs
Global Communications will create an internal goal of cross-cultural and cross-gender communication. Improved business/employee relations Reduced grievances
Global Communications will work to alleviate all communication barriers. Increased employee performance Lower turn-over rate
Global Communications will become a major international player in the global communications market Rise in stock prices; increased profits Take over global communications
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