The Problem Of Youth Suicide Essay

The Problem Of Youth Suicide Essay

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The growing youth is a crucial part in our legacy. However, throughout the generations, millions of teenage lives have been lost to a simple, preventable cause: a cause known as youth suicide. In this, youth suicide is rapidly becoming a prevalent issue within both developed and developing countries. Suicide has become one of the leading causes of death among persons of the age 10-45, with 2 million attempted suicides annually, with 800,000 successful suicides. It is because of such high numbers that Morocco strongly believes that immediate action needs to be taken. The problem of youth suicide is particularly prevalent in more developed countries, as several factors, such as economic, educational, or cultural pressure have a grave impact on their suicide rates. Countries with rigorous education programs such as South Korea, China, and the United States often experience a student suicide spike. Countries with strong cultural factors such as Japan, often experience high suicide rates as well. The media of more-developed countries oftentimes attribute suicide to depression or anxiety, however, Morocco strongly believes that these victims are only half of the story. They represent somewhat of a minority. Hundreds of thousands of peopel

UN Involvement:
The World Health Organization has been carefully monitoring the situation, working in joint collaboration with UNICEF and UNIFEM in order to create a comprehensive, all-encompassing report that effectively summarizes the suicide situation in several different countries, taking into account a variety of factors, such as economic pressure and quality of life. The World Health Organization has also worked closely with the International Association for Suicide Prevention, working t...

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...government turns a blind eye, sometimes even supporting the action. We would like to stop this atrocity by supporting the enforcement of UN Humanitarian Laws. By eliminating the mentality that one can discriminate without being incriminated, we hope that the law will act as more of a deterrent.

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