Essay about The Problem Of Worldwide Hunger

Essay about The Problem Of Worldwide Hunger

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The girls belly growls with anticipation as she continues to starve on a daily basis; every day she wonders if she will ever get another meal. Her belly has sunk in deep, showing the outlines of her fragile ribs. She is just one example, which is becoming more common to our society. Worldwide hunger is a result of a lack of farmers, adverse weather conditions, soil erosion, and widespread waste of food in developed countries which has resulted in the agricultural industry pursuing advances in technology to help overcome worldwide hunger. Those who know hold background knowledge of worldwide hunger will be able to understand its significance.
The history of worldwide hunger is very complex. In figuring out how to overcome worldwide hunger, “ recent studies suggest that the world will need 70 to 100% more food by 2050” (Food Security: The challenge of Feeding 9 Billion People 2010). Another cause of worldwide hunger is “ roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year, some 1.3 billion tons, gets lost or wasted” (Lindsey Blomberg 2011). The poverty rate for young adults and children is more than 25% of the total average. The other rates also at risk of poverty are disabilities, the elderly, and the youth and children (Global Poverty And Hunger 2012). About half of the population suffering hunger is the smallholder farming households because there is not enough farmers today to help with producing enough crops to even feed their own town (Cutting world hunger in half 2005). This is important because a lot of people don’t realize how quickly the world is growing and how much food we really need.
Adverse weather conditions have made a big impact on farming. With the need for land water...

... middle of paper ... is also important to know that it increases herbicide tolerance, insect resistance, and abiotic stress resistance (Current And New Approaches In GMO Detection 2015).
Soil erosion has an impact on the production rate of crops. Soil erosion damages the soil so bad by removing the nutrients, thinning the soil layer, reducing root depth, damaging the soil structure, and removing the nutrients (Management Strategies On Soil Erosion 2015). Rain causes a lot of soil erosion because when it rains, “the rain is detaching the top soil into soil particles and transporting soil particles by runoff” ( Soil Erosion And Pollutant 2014). One cause of soil erosion is when farmers have their crops planted on any type of slope because when it rains the soil will wash away which means all the crops have been destroyed and so has the soil (A Method To Assess Soil Erosion 2013).

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