Essay on The Problem Of The World

Essay on The Problem Of The World

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The Problem of Evil in the World
As a child the morals and values you are raised with are based on religious beliefs in your household which becomes a culture of living. We live in a world full of diversity, which means everyone has different beliefs or interpretation of what the word evil really means. The problem of evil is a very simple problem to state. There is evil in the world; yet the world is said to be the creation of a good, omnipotent God (McCloskey, H. J. 1962). In Belize there are many different religions with many different beliefs and traditions. Growing up in a Catholic household we were held at a higher standards. My grandmother had us in church throughout the week no questions asked, and we had no choice. Religion was not an option for me as this was what was forced upon me daily, not my beliefs but her religious beliefs became mine and the rest of the family. We were thought the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and being respectful to our elders at an early age. The Ten Commandments along with a picture of the last supper was displayed above the entrance to the kitchen door. In certain religious context evil is described as a supernatural force. The definition of evil varies as with the analysis of its motives. We all have the moral decision to choose between right and wrong. We all have some form of beliefs or faith in a higher power, in our household evil as we know it is the opposite of doing good. If God is all powerful, all knowing and all good, how can that same God allow evil to exist and for bad things to happen to good people? Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why does evil exist in the world? Evil was not originated on planet earth. Before God created...

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...ob we can learn how to challenge the concepts related to evil and suffering and still have a relationship with God. Things happen to us all the time that we have no control over, but when we seek God’s assistance through faith, we overcome any adversities. We may not understand why we have to go through any suffering or pain, but in the end we believe that he is always in control and he is laying the right path for us. Consciously or unconsciously we question why bad thing does happen to us, and we don’t give up faith we keep praying and believe because in the end God knows why we are going through it. Just as our misfortunes come from God, our blessing also comes from him. Job had many opportunities to turn his back on God after he permitted Satan to afflict him with many sufferings. Instead he never questioned God; he kept his faith and was blessed beyond measures.

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