The Problem Of The Obesity Epidemic Essays

The Problem Of The Obesity Epidemic Essays

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America is known for being a dominant country in almost all aspects. However, there is a new and upcoming problem rising in America. This new dilemma is also known as the obesity epidemic. Statistics that have been gathered studies from the Center of Disease and Control in America, shows that over 35.7% of the American population in the year 2013 were obese. In fact, the most contribution resulting in the high amount of fat humans are gaining come from the most logical reason which is terrible eating habits, with the combination of the lack of physical activity. Many hypotheses were made to why these problems have risen.
A possible answer to these issues occurring is due to the direction of the world’s culture. People are less motivated to do physical work, especially when TV and access to the Internet has become very reliable in life and such a trend in present day society. Financially, organic foods are very healthy, but an expensive resource in most places when compared to fast food. Many people can’t afford to purchase such resources, so they eventually rely on inexpensive and an unhealthy abundance of fast food and microwaveable dinners. Although there are options such as dieting and surgery, exercise is the best way to counter obesity because exercising it aids the growth of muscle, enables a person to consume more calories, and promotes a healthier lifestyle.
Why should we care about the change of lifestyle and the obese population? There are statistics covering obesity of fatality and disease dating back to the 1980’s. Studies done on the history about obesity in America shows that, “18% of American deaths from the years of 1986 to 2006 were caused by obese related symptoms to adults between the ages of 40 and 75.” (Maste...

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...tudies demonstrating that exercise physically and mentally improves the body, exercise should be recognized as the best way to lose fat. In conclusion, exercise is the best way to counter obesity. With exercise one can maintain perfect health by building muscle from exercising. Also eating food that is craved due to the increase of calories burned from our metabolism. Lastly, promoting a healthier lifestyle physically and mentally. One reason that I want to propose why exercising is bettering than dieting is from personal experience. When exercising, I have that feeling where I feel really energetic and feel like I can do anything. As to when I am on a diet, I feel really low on energy and all I would do physically is walk or sit. Ultimately, a combination of both methods will be the best towards weight loss, but exercise is better when choosing one over the other.

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