Essay on The Problem Of The Middle Eastern Country Of Syria

Essay on The Problem Of The Middle Eastern Country Of Syria

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The Problem
The problem is in the Middle Eastern country of Syria, specifically in the north surrounding the city of Al-Raqqah, which is an area controlled by an extremist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who has been terrorising the country with intentions of becoming a worldwide caliphate since 2014 by forcing its influence. The group lead by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has caused much turmoil through taking control and attacking zones not only in Syria but also in neighbouring countries such as Iraq. The group has made threats demonstrating their capabilities through bombings, executions and so forth, risking the lives of many innocent Syrian civilians and forcing civilians out of the country creating a refugee crisis. The extremist group leading their threats to other countries (i.e. France) and having encouraged threats against the United States of America (US) leads the US to be alarmed to possible attacks in American soil. The US goal is therefore to degrade and destroy ISIS to prevent further attacks by the terrorist group and prevent innocent lives from being lost.

ISIS emerged after having left another extremist group Al-Qaeda in early 2014, at the same time becoming its enemy. ISIS originally set out to fight the Syrian Rebels and the Kurds over northern Syrian territory during what was originally Syria’s civil war against president Bashar Hafez al-Assad. As a result in late 2014 The Pentagon (United States Department of Defense) initiates a program that trains Syrian rebels in order to fight ISIS, highlighting that the United States views ISIS as problematic.
As of November 9, 2015 the United States has agreed (decided) to deployed over 50 special operations forces to Syria to assist the Syrians in ...

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...s at all cost. A very important aspect of this proposal is if airstrikes are continued then the implementation of “no-fly zones” must be acquired. No innocent life should be taken or be at risk due to the US if the purpose is for the US to defend the people and the area from ISIS.It would also be proposed that services be offered in these zone, where civilians can get help. It is important to note that Syria is under an authoritarian regime meaning that is surviving but not thriving, but with ISIS it is not surviving but rather in constant threat. The US involvement should help the area and yet have their aid not stop them from reaching their goal of degrading and destroying the enemy, ISIS. The airstrikes have proved the US’s power, by continuing the show of force through destroying ISIS’s sources it could lead to the eventual stop of ISIS’s takeover of other cities.

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