The Problem Of The Mental Health Field Essay

The Problem Of The Mental Health Field Essay

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A few things bring me into the mental health field. One being my ability to help. I have always been a helper and over-doer when in comes to someone else’s needs. a lot of times I see people want to better themselves and simply don’t know how. It could start as just needing a nudge in the right direction or help understanding something new to them. Either way I enjoy the challenge of bettering someone to their full potential. Yes it’s easier if the client wants to be involved and excited in advancing their lives, but for the unwilling, I find that a challenge as well. Secondly, I enjoy being there for someone in their greatest time of need. It can be a relationship problem, parenting issue, or substance abuse problem at its worst, if they want guidance or help through that troubling time I am there for them. Lastly, one of the major reasons that brings me to this field is to help children especially in the core years transitioning from teen to adult. Transitioning, as in learning how to live on there on, basics of young adulthood, making right choices that will help them go further in live later on.

Things that excite me about this field is just helping people with small day to day decisions to life changing ones. When people want to better themselves and are lack the tools, resources, and knowledge on where to simply look for them, helping them acquire or locate them is a great reward in its self for me. Some areas lack the interest to make these things available and might not know to what people exactly are looking for. I, being there to find out is exciting for me. Also saving lives is another reason I am excited about this field just knowing with a little effort and input you could put someone on the right track or in ...

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...e me out my comfort zone and will help me become more open and trust worthy with people. Also making time for reflection is very important because I need take more time to reflect. See where I’m at in life at the moment, and decide if I am I making the best decisions I possibly can or do I need to step up in certain areas and aspects to become a better person.

Overall I just want to be in position to help any client as a human being and get them as far in life as they see fit. If it’s an obstacle a client need help with over coming, it is my job to obtain the information and resources needed to help a client over it and if I can’t take them to someone that can. I need to become a better listener and understand a client’s needs over their wants. Just being able to help and help a person life in a positive way is the ultimate goal in this field in my opinion.

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