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The Problem Of The Internet Essay

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The internet has been around for about twenty five years or longer, but in that short amount of time it has drastically changed in many ways. The internet back then did not have cookies or virus that seize crucial information. Nowadays a lot of companies take one’s privacy, and advertisement companies can buy into it by paying a monthly fee. When the companies pay for spots they can gather all the information from the website. This would ultimately give other companies access to his/her information easily.Nicholas Carr, an american writer, thinks that websites are taking our information and letting other people get a hold of it easily. Jim Harper, director of information,argues that the fault is caused by people releasing a great amount of personal information on the internet. Although Carr’s arguments are sensible, Harper’s arguments are valid.
Today’s population is not aware of how much information they are giving out by signing up for certain social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Carr states that “The fantastic advances in the field of electronic communication constitute a great danger to the privacy of the individual”(538). Carr’s idea of all these advances are putting people in danger of privacy invaders from getting their person information. They can find and track what people are doing constantly just from using that social medias. Carr is referring to big brother or in other words the government. An example of this is Facebook, if people wanted to find one’s information through Facebook it would be quite easy for them because one’s personal information is released on the web sites. Another thing Carr says is “ Today, as companies strive to personalize the services and advertisements they provide ove...

... middle of paper ... able to use their websites for their products.
Nicholas Carr and Jim Harper have great arguments and point of views of how the internet is taking people’s privacy away. However, Jim Harper was more clear in his argument and made a lot more sense than Nicholas Carr. Harper’s idea is that the public does get their information snatched from using the websites. His idea’s are well explained and also backed up from his sayings. As Harper states in his title “Web Users Get as Much as They Give”(546). He is saying that you don’t have to give up your information if you do not want to . The downside to this is you wouldn’t get the full content of that particular website.Which is why a lot of users do put their personal information on the internet. In the end, the only way people can keep their information safe is by not putting any personal information on the internet.

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