The Problem Of The Driveway Essay

The Problem Of The Driveway Essay

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Two neighbors, who have lived next door to each other for the past 15 years now have an issue which they cannot solve. The driveway which leads to both properties has been in disrepair for the past five years and sections of the driveway are finally eroding, with drop-offs and potholes become too bothersome to ignore. Both neighbors are in agreement, the owner of the driveway should be the one who pays for the materials and labor to fix or replace the driveway. However, the two neighbors disagree who the owner of the driveway is, both stating the other is the owner. There have been heated discussions on the matter for the past few months, but the two neighbors are still at an impasse. To make matters worse, the issue has become time sensitive. The homeowner’s association and the city have both intervened, threatening to cite both neighbors if the driveway is not fixed or replaced. Neither neighbor wants to pay for the driveway but they also do not want to have to deal with possible fines. They have two weeks to fix the driveway.
Hindu Legal Traditions and Possible Conflict Resolution Skills
Hinduism offers many resources for conflict resolution through its emphasis on Dharma. The concept of Dharma emphasizes sacrifice, obligations, and self-denial, providing the right values for resolving social disputes such as the one mentioned above in the case study. The Hindu society is one based on a caste structure and Dharma constitutes the religious and moral doctrine of rights and duties of each individual in their individual caste. What an individual should or should not do is based on the context of the situation and virtues and transgressions are dependent on contextual issues. One of these contexts is that truth is relative and on...

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...g because they are universal concepts and philosophies. The Hindu legal tradition believes in karma, as do many other societies. Doing the right thing is universal and appealing to other’s need or wish to do the right thing enhances any peacemaker’s abilities to help others reach conciliation. Asian legal traditions, which lead us to believe the individuals are better at reaching a solution than lawyers are, are what peacemakers and mediators often state to their parties. By acknowledging it is best for individuals to make their own decisions is one of the greatest abilities and skills a peacemaker can possess. Though both the Hindu and Asian legal traditions mentioned above were written in isolation and as if those mentioned in the case study were believers of those legal traditions, those with different legal and religious beliefs can benefit from the philosophies.

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