Essay on The Problem Of The Daycare

Essay on The Problem Of The Daycare

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as she watched the tears in her neighbor’s eyes sparkle. Now is not the time to shed tears my friend. Please suck it up and let’s think this thing through. That’s what she wanted to say, but swallowed hard and kept it all inside.
“I hate to bring this up. I really do,” Pat said spilling the rest of her news. “I’m moving to the other side of town. I didn’t get the house I wanted, but I did get approval for a larger apartment. When we move, my kids won’t be going to the daycare with your girls anymore. In fact, I don’t know what to do with your twins. The daycare is threatening to kick them out if you don’t pay soon, and I mean real soon” she said, wiping her eyes. Pat inhaled deeply. She wanted to tell Clara how completely frazzled she was. Caring for five kids with four under the age of three, in an apartment, was more than she could handle. She had already said more than she wanted to and definitely more than Clara probably wanted to hear, so, she sat still as she twisted the end of her shirt. Before she spoke again, she took another deep breath and thought carefully about what she should say next—a technique her therapist suggested she use when faced with these types of situations.
“I know this is difficult, but what if I called your mom? She could help you take care of the girls until you felt better.”
Clara didn’t respond, partially because she was in excruciating pain, but mostly she didn’t have any answers for her neighbor. She knew she had asked more of her than she should have, but what else was there to do? The soft spoken lady that never had much to say was her only option. She had no family to count on, to watch after the girls. So, here she was, left to depend on this quieter than usual wom...

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... With a normal temperature she could leave even if she had to use a wheelchair to get around. So, she crunched on the ice until her teeth chattered. She knew someone would need to help drive her once released from the hospital because of the awkward cast on her leg. Her broken ankle now had several screws holding it together.
“Who in the world would be willing to come to her rescue?” she thought.
“Marty! She would come and see about her. Why hadn’t she thought about that before?” She pulled up her list of contacts, scrolled to the M’s and dialed.
“Clara! Oh my goodness, it’s been such a long time. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were,” Marty squealed.
“It certainly is good hearing your voice. Did I catch you at a bad time?” Clara asked. She raised her bed higher. It helped her breathe a little better as she spoke.

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