The Problem Of The Criminal Justice System Essays

The Problem Of The Criminal Justice System Essays

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Everyone believes that they have the next big solution to stop drug usage, selling of drugs and destroying the drug market once for all. But the truth is that there is no one solution or a thousand little solutions that will stop the drug problem, because the drug dealers and the market learns to adapt to these solution. Just like how these solutions evolved over time so do the dealer too. One way that the solutions has changed is that now the criminal justice system has employed the help of drug usagers or addict in stopping the drug problem. Both “Zero tolerance” and “The throwaways” depict the ongoing battle between the criminal justice system and drugs.
Drugs in New York City is not a new problem and it is probably one of the many problems that New York might never be able to solve. For many years past mayors, heads of the police department and other organizational leaders tried to come up with a plan to combat the drug problem. For instance, when Ed Koch was mayor, the Tactical Narcotics Teams would target certain location where there was a lot of selling of drugs. At f...

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