Essay on The Problem Of The Aids Epidemic

Essay on The Problem Of The Aids Epidemic

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Fear is contagious. Fear of the unknown, fear of the known - it’s all the same. It infects those around it, sending them into a panic. Causing them to treat what is immediately in front of them rather than taking the time to discover the underlying problem. It’s easier avoid the storm and simply play in the rain; step into a tide pool rather than diving into the ocean. Unfortunately, our inability to face the problem causes more harm. The AIDS epidemic in Africa caused an extreme increase in the population of orphans. Our fear of the disease caused us to ignore the problem, that AIDS was killing the guardians of children, and instead begin to treat the symptom, the uncontrollable surge of orphans in Africa.
In 1990 under 1 million Sub-Saharan African children under the age of 15 had lost either one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. At the end of 2001, 10 million more kids in this age group became orphans. In response, the United States reached out to the orphans of Africa through adoption, financial aid, and sending supplies (“UNICEF: Africa’s Orphaned Generations” 6). But the increase of orphans was only a symptom. While helping the orphans is a necessary task, the problem was that the HIV/AIDS pandemic was killing their parents. “Adoption is a last resort” stated Haddush Halefom, head of the Children’s Commission under Ethiopia’s Ministry of Labor, the arbiter of intercountry adoptions, “Historically, close kinship ties in our country meant that there were very few orphans: orphaned children were raised by their extended families. The HIV/AIDs pandemic has destroyed so many of our families that the possibility no longer exists to absorb all our Ethiopian orphans. I am deeply respectful of the families who care for our children,” he ...

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...IDS pandemic, we are still searching for answers… but as we search for answers we are helping the victims of this awful virus. How many orphans would still have their parents if we had acted sooner? Originally, I had chosen to research this topic because I have a heart for orphans. I had planned to travel to Africa to serve in an orphanage, and eventually adopt kids from Africa. Throughout my pursuit of knowledge on this topic, I realized that their is a bigger problem. Right now 34 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS, and ⅔ of them are from Africa (David Masci 1). How many of those people have kids at home? Now that we’ve diagnosed the problem we need to take action. If we are truly trying to stop the increase of orphans in Africa, then there 's no more dipping a toe in the tide pool, it’s time to jump into the problem. It is time to turn our attention to AIDS.

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