The Problem Of The Age Simulation Exercise Essay

The Problem Of The Age Simulation Exercise Essay

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Age isn’t just a Number
As a teenager who has never experienced hearing loss or the loss of physical movement, I have never been very aware of the obstacles that elders face. After carrying out the activity for this week, I have gained a better insight as to what older Americans experience while living in a country that so dearly values youth. Many young citizens in our country see older people as incapable citizens that need taking care of, which makes them seem like a burden to the American ideas of independence and stability. However, it is only once people grow older that they become aware of the struggles that older people fight through in order to seem independent. While temporarily impairing my hearing, I learned more about myself, the people around me, and especially more about the older people in my life and the struggles that they must endure because of their age.
To begin my age simulation exercise, I placed ear plugs in my ears in order to impair my hearing. I carried out the exercise while I was in school. I am an office aid, so I have multiple encounters with people both on the phone and in person. I felt that this would be an ideal situation in order to simulate an accurate experience someone with hearing loss. As my day began, I sat in a calculus class with my other classmates. I found it very difficult to understand what the professor was saying, especially because there were people talking all around me. The following period is when I am an office aid, and at the beginning of the period I answered multiple phone calls. Throughout these discussions, I had to repeditly ask the person on the other end of the phone to repeat themselves or speak louder. I became frustrated because I still could not hear them clearly, ...

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...are of because of the fast pace and competitive nature of our country. We often forget to slow down and put ourselves in other people’s positions, and my eyes were opened to this during the aging simulation. After having impaired hearing, I realize how difficult being in public can be if someone is unable to hear and understand what people are saying. I hope that I can continue to learn from this experience and be more patient and understanding of not only older people, but of everyone that I surround myself with. Older people face many challenges as they age because they are not able to continue to live the way that they always have, so they must adapt. Therefore, our country needs to help them to adapt by being more understanding of their problems. When your life is changing before your eyes and you cannot do things that you have always, age is not just a number.

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