The Problem Of Texting And Driving Essay

The Problem Of Texting And Driving Essay

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The Solution to Texting and Driving
A major issue in today’s society is people will not voluntarily put down their phones, not even while driving. Texting and driving is the number one cause of teen driving accidents in America. Over 1.6 million accidents a year in the United States are caused from distracted driving (Snyder). In order to address the disturbing uptrend in accidents attributing to distracted driving, individual state legislators need to pass a state law making texting and driving illegal as well as mandating the addition of manufactured devices that will be able to disable the driver’s phone while the vehicle is in motion.
Drivers who use their phone while driving create too many distractions for themselves and others, which make them incapable of driving safely. Texting and driving rates are becoming extremely high because people are able to access their phones a lot easier now since new technology is now faster and easier to access (Snyder). Over 300,000 people are injured each year from accidents initiated by drivers using their phones (Snyder). Studies have shown that one out of every four accidents are a result of texting and driving causing six times as many accidents compared to drinking and driving (Snyder). Every second of the day 660,000 people on the roads are texting not being able to paying attention while driving (Snyder). Fifty percent of teen drivers have admitted to frequently using their phones while driving; twenty percent of people have said they browse the web while driving, causing eighteen percent of these accidents to result in fatal injuries. In 2013 alone 424,000 people were injured in a driving accident where the driver was texting and not paying attention to their surroundings. Peop...

... middle of paper ... is shut off it will not activate again till the car is stopped safety (Harman) Devices like these will be what keeps driver from putting their selves and others in any danger (Stromberg). All these devices need to be mandated so that people will stop using their phones while driving if it is not mandated people will continue to text and drive and ignore the true danger cell phones are while operating a vehicle.
To help reduce the number of people texting and driving state legislator will need to pass a law making it illegal to use a phone while driving and also to mandate adding manufacture devices in every car to disable the driver’s phone while in motion. These devices will be the solution to all texting and driving. Installing these devices is the safest most reliable choice. Soon the roads will be safe again without accidents caused by distracted drivers.

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