The Problem Of Teenage Suicide Essay

The Problem Of Teenage Suicide Essay

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Today, teenage suicide is considered a big issue in America. Many factors contribute to this action whether it is overdosing on alcohol and drugs, cutting ones wrist with a sharp object, or pulling the trigger of a gun to put an end to their existence. Suicide is on the rise due to many factors such as family issues, social issues, and psychological issues. Increased education and awareness for the victims and their families could drastically reduce the number of suicide attempts yearly.
Family Issues
Teenage suicide is often carried out as a result of despair and is a serious problem that can take a toll on families and friends. It is defined as intentionally taking one’s life or as an intentional self-inflicted death. Many have overlooked the problem of teen suicide. However, according to teen suicide statistics, there are 4,600 youth suicides each year between the ages of 10-24, 12 averages per day with 575,000 per year (Statistics Brain Research Institute, 2015). Stress definitely plays a huge role in teenage suicide and can make a teenager vulnerable. Many children today have so much pressure due to changes in their environments, divorce of their parents, educational changes, and living with new family members, which greatly impacts many households in America. In some cases many teenagers have experienced physical or sexual abuse at some point in time, and they are unable to tell anyone due to fear of the consequences that would happen to them if they tell (Shaw, 2011). Stress, confusion, and pressure are just a few common problems that may trigger thoughts of suicide. No matter the problem, whether big or small, their problems often go unrecognized by parents because of their busy work schedules, financial burdens, and ju...

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