The Problem Of Teenage Crime Essay

The Problem Of Teenage Crime Essay

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Teenage crime is one of the most important leading crimes faced in Houston TX. While the immediate effect of crime is usually felt by the individual upon whom the crime was committed, the community at large is also affected by criminal activity. High crime rates may lead to population reduction as able individuals move away to avoid victimization. Members who remain in crime-filled areas may feel unsafe in general, particularly if they witness crime. Additionally, crime rates create a negative impression about a community to those who live outside it. Teenage crime violations that are conferred by individuals who are less than eighteen years old. Youngsters confer around 20% of every single brutal wrongdoing. During the mid 90`s a quick increment was driven by numerous states to change their adolescent equity laws to place more rough adolescent guilty parties on trial as grown-ups. Adolescents were included in 17% of every single fierce wrongdoing and 35% of all assaults and 14% of all exasperated attacks included adolescents. All these rates demonstrate that the United States is confronting an intense issue that should be fathomed. Violations submitted for the most part by young people incorporate robbery, attacks on different youngsters, posse savagery, and significantly kill.
The theory that holds the most validity is that many criminals have had a bad family life in one way or another. They have had few positive role models while growing up. Dilulio 's article states that "Seventy-five percent of the most violent incarcerated juveniles are children who were abused by a family member" (6). D Julio also went on to say that half of all youth in long-term juvenile facilities have had immediate family members incarcerated. The mos...

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In conclusion crime has affected families especially teenagers. In the essay above I explained crime can affect us all and many ways how we can stop it. First, we can provide adequate life possibility to the potential criminals. Second, we can supply more funds to the safety departments. Third, we can educate people who are ignorant or don’t know the real justice. From all of these, we can understand that we have many choices to reduce the crime rate. However, actually, we cannot control the crime precisely. There has always been crime in the world. In fact, we cannot control the criminal’s behavior and desires by giving importance to their lives. The last thing that we should not forget is that everyone can be a criminal if the life conditions and circumstances around us are suitable.

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