The Problem of Teen Pregnancy Essay

The Problem of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Did you know that 3 in 10 teen girls in the United States will get pregnant at least once before they turn 20 years old? (“Teen Pregnancy”). Or that most teenagers want to be pregnant before they are 20 years old. In 2009 approximately 410,00 teens aged 15-19 gave birth in the United States and the teen birth rate remains higher than other developing countries (“Pazol”). The most shocking news to many teens having kids is that childbearing cost the United States about 9 billion annually and that the national teen birth rate was 39.1 birth per 1,000 and 37% decrease from 61.8 per 1,000 lowest in all records (“Pazol”). Many Teen moms do not carry on their education after they have the baby. Also the media has portrayed teen pregnancy to look like an enjoyable experience in a young girl’s life. 8 out of 10 fathers with leave their baby and the mother once they found out about having a baby or when the baby comes. Teenage Pregnancy changes people’s lives in several ways but also has a negative effect on many teenagers’ body images. In addition helping teens get back on track with their goals and there future’s is very significant for the strong women they are about to become.

Beyond having a baby going back to high school or attending college is most girls' number one concerns. The majority of teenage girls will not go back to school after they have found out there pregnant or have all ready had the baby. Teenagers also start to have anxiety after having the baby and trying to juggle school, work and taking care of the baby. (“Lopez-Dawson, Ana”). Having an education didn’t affect just the parents but also the children not just now but later on in the child’s lifetime. Also children with teen mothers do worse in school than p...

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