Essay on The Problem Of Social Anxiety

Essay on The Problem Of Social Anxiety

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Imagine feeling completely alone in a crowded room with no one to talk to. Being in the center of the ring even though that ring is a local grocery store. Those are the struggles of many people who are struggling with social anxiety. Most don’t even know this problem exists nor believe that it is real. Often a lot of people think of it as an excuse to get out of social situations they are bored with or no longer have interest in. Most of this comes from the lack of knowledge about this problem. Be it in the definition of what social anxiety is or with what happens in the brain to cause such a problem. Also, people have a hard time identifying social anxiety, seeing as it is commonly mistaken as shyness. Social Anxiety is a real problem for many people in America and around the world despite contrary belief that social anxiety is made up either for attention or because of laziness and this belief won’t help those affected get over their problem and become more comfortable in everyday life.
The biggest problem about awareness of social anxiety is that often people don’t know what it is or what causes that problem to arise. The proper definition for social anxiety is, “It’s the extreme fear of being scrutinized and judged by others in social or performance situations…” (ADAA) This can often be seen as shyness because the person often shows traits of shyness even though there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Some of the most common causes of social anxiety is childhood abuse, loss of social interaction as a child, or it can even be inherited by either genetics or it can be a learned behavior. (Social Anxiety Fact Sheet) There is also the possibility of the person’s brain structure being a key role on if they have social an...

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...its and how far the person can push themselves into uncomfortable situations to try to get over their fear.
Although the problem of social anxiety cannot necessarily be seen by the naked eye, it is a problem none the less. Even though this problem acts on emotions, which can seem to be easily changed, it is just as debilitating as a physical injury. No one asks someone with a broken leg just to ‘walk it off’. So there is no reason why someone with a mental problem should be asked to do the same. If awareness is brought to this situation then maybe those with this problem can get help from their peers instead of continuously being told they are making it up and to just get over it. If some of these people got help instead of insults, then maybe they would be more comfortable in their day to day lives and actually have an opportunity to have a fun and prosperous life.

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