The Problem Of Self Driving Cars Essay

The Problem Of Self Driving Cars Essay

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Technology is evolving faster than ever these days, however there is one technology that could revolutionize the transportation industry. This technology is called autonomous cars, also known as self-driving cars. Autonomous cars can be defined as a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment, and navigating without human input. Using different techniques such as GPS and radar, autonomous cars can detect surroundings, thus removing the human element in driving. This would have a positive effect in more ways than we could ever imagine. Research suggests that self-driving cars will become more abundant in the future because they will be more cost-effective, enhance safety, and decrease traffic congestion.
One of the main reasons autonomous cars will become abundant in the future is because of the cost benefits not only for the consumer, but also the economy. The official value of a statistical life used by the Department of Transportation is $9.2 million, so if autonomous cars can save 30,000 lives a year this is a yearly benefit of $276 billion (Ozimek, 2014). In addition, the CDC estimates another $41 billion in medical, and loss of work costs. Add those numbers up and a grand total of approximately $317 billion yearly for deadly crashes. There are also costs involved in non-deadly crashes. The estimates for these types of crashes would come in at $226 billion.
Another form of cost-savings would be from free time spent in the car not driving. Just think, you could be doing work while commuting, schoolwork, leisure activities, and even personal grooming all while commuting. In a year, Americans travel an estimate of 2.9 trillion vehicle

miles in cars. That is a...

... middle of paper ... 2025. The United States will be an early leader in deploying autonomous vehicle technology, an effort that will eventually help put nearly 21 million self-driving cars on the world 's roads by 2035, IHS Automotive predicts in a report released Tuesday (Korosec, 2016). This forecast is much higher than previous forecasts and show what the road ahead is going to be like.
Self-driving cars are the future, and will have a huge impact on the world when fully implemented. First of all, it would be cost-effective for the consumer and the economy. Next, and maybe the most important factor is, it will save many lives. Traffic jams maybe also a thing of the past with more self-driving cars on the roads. In addition, we still have a few years to prepare, and fine tune the process for the arrival of a fully autonomous road system but once it’s here it’s here to stay.

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