Essay on The Problem Of Poor Children

Essay on The Problem Of Poor Children

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It is not difficult to document that poor children suffer a disproportionate share of deprivation, hardship, and bad outcomes. More than 16 million children in the United States – 22% of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level – $23,550 a year for a family of four. (Truman, 2005) Living in poverty rewires children 's brains and reports show that it produces prolonged effects. Also, growing up in a community with dangerous streets, gangs, confused social expectations, discouraging role models, and few connections to outsiders commanding resources becomes a burden for any child. The concern about the number of children living in poverty arises from our knowledge of the problems children face because of poverty. With prices rising everywhere, succeeding in a poverty stricken family recently became harder and sets up kids do things they wouldn’t do if they were wealthy . Food, shelter, healthcare, and other necessities are crucial for children 's well-being, and extra income can make life more enjoyable. Because growing up in poverty impairs kids cognitive skills, increases the risk factor of becoming a delinquent, and affects kids physical and mental health it represents an underlying cause that creates many negative effects.
Since the 1960s, developmental research has examined the effects of poverty on IQ, social adjustment, self-esteem, depression, and other types of maladaptive behaviors as mediated by such factors as parenting, home environment, family structure, immediate resources and more recently, school, child care, and neighborhood (Huston et al., 1994) In each case, poverty has shown to have detrimental effects. These detrimental effects affect kids life and sets some up to fail. Pove...

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...nutrition, and the lack of parental, educational and psychological support. Poverty stricken teens will grow up to only be followed by disorders caused from their childhood. Most that grow up in poverty will raise their kids in poverty. The long term physical and mental effects of poverty are shown during adolescence and carries on to adulthood.
Poverty represents an underlying cause that produces many harsh, negative effects. It is on the rise and will damage some teens ' lives. Many preventive methods are out there and should be looked at. Life already is hard enough, let’s make it easier. Although, there were only three negative effects written about in this paper, this hardship contains many more. The list of negative effects could go on for days. Growing up with poverty sets up a kid for failure and a life of hardship, something no kid should never experience.

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