Essay on The Problem of Oversea Military Bases

Essay on The Problem of Oversea Military Bases

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The Problem of Oversea Military Bases
With the rise of a country’s national power, national interest often extends beyond the range of the sovereignty so that the country has to rely on military, politics and diplomacy in order to protect and ensure the benefit of the wealthy and privileged class. One way to expand the military power and influence around the globe is to set up overseas military bases in other country’s territory. In this way, the mother country will but only have an absolutely advantage when it comes to intelligence collection and military action or prevent attack from enemy but also “protecting” its alliance who allows it to set the base ostensibly, however, they are just its puppet or chessman in order to gain more money to wealthy and privileged class by selling advanced weapons to the alliance, in return, the privileged class use their wealth to support presidents election and party activity. Since there is money coming into the country, nation is growing more and more powerful. However, humans are greedy. With the increase of the overseas military bases, a huge amount of money is sending over sea rather than using it on domestic project to improve national standard of living; getting into another county internal conflict also causes abomination and terrorism; A Military is mainly to defense other than an invasion. No country should have any over sea military bases because there is no need to protect the nation in another country’s territory and its disadvantage weighs more than the advantage.
War is the most effective way to get and expand military bases outside the domestic territory. In 1898, growing U.S acquired four strategic places: Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico Each, and Guam from Spain. In 1...

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...easons: Military force is mainly use to defense from enemy; overseas military base cost a huge amount of money; get involve in another country conflict causes abomination and terrorism. This is why no country should have any over sea military bases because it’s no need to protect the nation in anther country’s territory which would make everyone life better.

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