The Problem Of Over Population On Medical News Essay

The Problem Of Over Population On Medical News Essay

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Based on the article about over population on Medical News Today there will be more humans living on the phase of the earth that ever before by 2100, an investigation has been done regarding this matter, therefore, this is a fearful debate by researchers and policymakers for decades now. For instance, with the speedy population development is possible to raise the problem on the public health service, therefore, this means that infectious diseases from common cold or flu to dengue infection can be considerably simply to spread out among us, consequently, If these needs cannot be sufficiently met, then diarrheal illnesses become much more common, resulting in more people means larger efforts are needed to control excess management and provide clean water.

Through additional people existing together ever before, it appears predictable that this compounded social discontent would chief to enlarged conflict and rebellious for resources. According to the John Hopkins investigators, near half of the world’s population presently inhabits a coastal band 200 kilometers wide, this means that 50% of us are embraced together on just 10% of the world’s land surface. The team of Hopkins recognized two central courses of action to distract these potential disasters, first of all sustainable development should include: more efficiently use of energy, managing cities better, phasing out subsidies that encourage waste, managing water resources and protecting freshwater sources, harvesting forest products rather than destroying forests, and protecting biodiversity hotspots. The second is the vital area of action is the stabilization of population through good quality family planning, which “will buy time to protect natural resources.”

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...control all natural resources.otherwise a disease could impact our planet and potentially mortality in humanity. The earth policy institute says that when females are in school they tend to focus more on their school and work that they will have children later in their lifetime which means they will only have a few of them. Consequently, meaning in the earth not being overpopulated.

In conclusion, overpopulation will lead a health issue if the government does not concentrate to educate the people on the importance of saving and protecting our world, nevertheless, it is possible to have more people in the world only if, we educate future generation on how to protect it and give them the necessary tools to save our most wonderful home, mother earth. We posses the key to a healthy life, just by doing our part as a society, such washing our hands, cleaning, etc.

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