The Problem Of Online Programs Essay

The Problem Of Online Programs Essay

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There are many apps and programs out there that gamers can use to communicate with each other. From popular programs such as TeamSpeak or Curse, there are a variety of programs that keep gamer connected across the globe. One of these programs to come out in the past few years is Discord. This app has been one of the best communication platforms to release in a long time. It is clean, straight forward, and provides a number of resources that would interest any. If you look deep enough, there’s at least one Discord Group for a game that you’re interested in. The people in these groups provide a variety of information that can be used to help anyone looking to learn a particular game. One genre that has probably benefited from programs such as Discord has to be fighting games.
This free program allows you to text and voice chat through the use of server rooms. Discord servers can have multiple rooms that can be created based on certain topics or player groups. It also features direct calling and direct messaging. With their very high learning curve, these games can be difficult to get into if you’re going at it on your attempting to learn them on own. When looking for people who play whichever fighting game you’ve picked up in your area, it all depends on where you live and what game you plan on playing. In some areas, players can be spread out throughout certain parts of the state. If you’re unlucky enough not to live near a location where players congregate to play, you can expect to travel a decent amount of miles. This problem becomes more complicated depending on the game you play.
Take South Carolina for example, the local scene for Guilty Gear can be found up towards the state capital and the near the coast. If you live som...

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...ncluded with the application, greatly enhances the learning experience.
Discord is a great app for fighting game players, who live in areas that are not close to a local scene. By providing players with a space full of other people who are fans of a certain game it helps the community grow by giving newer and more experienced players resources to help them improve as players and encourages them to continue to play even if there isn’t a place they can meet physically in their own city. The majority of the people in these group are welcoming and are willing to help newer members along the way. These groups also provide mountains of resources to help players build a solid foundation that will help anyone who is just starting out or players looking to learn a new character. If you’re a fan of the genre, Discord deserves to have a spot on your Computer or mobile device.

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