The Problem Of Mental Illness Essay

The Problem Of Mental Illness Essay

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According to The National Alliance on Mental Illness, “suicide is the third leading cause of death in youth ages 15 to 24” (“Facts on Children’s Mental Health in America”). Teens being diagnosed with mental disorders like depression are more prevalent in the modern world than it has been in the past. More stress has been put on them from outside sources such as their parents to be successful or from their own classmates who bully them. Some parents are unwilling to help their children since they believe they are being neurotic. The reason why mental illness is more prevalent in teens in our society today is because of academic expectations on youth, bullying and lack of diagnosis.
For instance, teens have been under tremendous pressure to get high grades and get into an upstanding college. According to The American Psychological Association, nearly half of all teens are stressed by school pressure (Neighmond). These pressures usually come from teachers, parents, or the students themselves to do better academically. Parents of students sometimes put too much pressure on their children by pushing them to earn better grades and to become affluent. Additionally, students put pressure on themselves to do better due to they are competing with their fellow classmates as being the best in their class. Due to these stresses, students can develop ADHD and ADD which contain the same systems as stress, such as “low impulse control, difficulty concentrating and irritating behaviors” (Armstrong). Not to mention, the extended workload provided by teachers contributes to their stress as well. Students spend “up to 17.5 hours each week” on homework assigned to them (Bidwell). Students are persuaded to enroll in an AP or AICE classes (college-...

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...n, mental illness is becoming more common in the developed world and it is affecting our society’s future. Academic expectations bullying, and lack of diagnosis contribute to the reason why cases of mental illness have been increasing. As a society, it is imperative to help these teens who are suffering with these mental illnesses so they can live a better life. People need to be more aware of the signs of mental illness and be more willing to help. It is more common for people to write it off as a phase or something that is in their minds but, it needs to be dealt with before it increases any further. It will also help improve the next generations by making them aware of how to avoid getting a mental illness, but make them aware that they can get help if they need it. Hopefully, in the future these problems will decrease with the increased awareness of our society.

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