The Problem Of Love And Marriage Essay

The Problem Of Love And Marriage Essay

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While society has heavily embedded the idea of love into marriage, the actual applications of marriage does not incorporate love into it. Love and marriage are a thing that has been disconnected for a long time, yet the restrictions that have plagued marriage are the same restrictions that affect love due to the heavy mental connection that culture created with marriage. Abuse of the systems that marriage creates is a main reason for the failure of love. When someone can use marriage to gain something material, people will not marry who they love and ruin the concept of marriage. This is due to the heavily embedded bureaucracy that has found itself weaved into something that should merely be a sign of commitment and love towards another person. As these bureaucratic rewards and restrictions benefit the corruption of marriage, honesty about these failures seems to be the only course of action to allow change to even have a chance of happening to these societal norms.

Love is a concept that seems to find itself ingrained into every facet of human society. There are movies, books, songs, poems, and even a holiday devoted to love. However, the concept of love that seems to be greatly glorified by our own society is also heavily binded by expectations that come from ignorance or beliefs. These restrictions are mirrored by the restriction that marriage seems to face due to the heavily embedded notion that marriage is the prioritized outcome of love. However, as many authors such as Meghan O’Rourke bring up, marriage seems to have grown old and might need to be renewed or replaced in some way. (O’Rourke, 2013) Some of the suggestions that are brought up in O’Rourke’s review, “The Marriage Trap,” seem to be a bit radical, but the...

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...would not be failing as they do today. As we see in today’s society, love has been restricted by both the bad applications of marriage as well as the restrictions that marriage has imposed on groups of people who love each other. People who find themselves seeking marriage are merely doing so in the vain of conforming to societal norms. A loving relationship does not reach it’s final form with a piece of paper, a true love continues to grow.
If these restrictions and benefits were to be removed, marriage would be a more respectable institution that didn’t encourage exploitation of people and instead encouraged loved ones to create a sacred union together. However, at that point, it would only be marriage in name. Love doesn’t have to have the ultimate goal of marriage, but society needs to speak honestly of the entrapments of marriage to truly understand this.

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