Essay on The Problem Of Learning Disabilities

Essay on The Problem Of Learning Disabilities

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Problem Statement
Learning disabilities (LD) range from mild to severe. There are many problems faced with students with learning disabilities but there is one thing that they have in common. Students with learning disabilities appear to have problems but particularly more in one specific area. The commonality of this problem is that students with learning disabilities tend to often struggle in school and are put in to special education classrooms. These students have major issues with falling behind in their school work. There are many reasons as to why they fall behind and that could encompass problems at home, problems with concentration, or both. Reading comprehension appears to be the hardest subject to understand and comprehend for most students with learning disabilities. Teaching, mentoring, and ensuring proper comprehension of a specific task such as reading comprehension is extremely important for the students to grasp with special needs. This however can prove to be an extremely difficult task. Teachers are constantly researching, revising, and attempting to look for new techniques to help their students improve in their course work. My experience as an aid working with students with learning disabilities in a special education classroom at a public school proved to be incredibly challenging. I was constantly observing students struggle to read at the level where they need to be at in order to succeed at their grade level they currently hold.
Quantitative Research Question
How will reading comprehension levels be impacted for students with learning disabilities by utilizing the Kurzweil 3000 reading based learning system versus students with learning disabilities that only utilize the classroom handouts an...

... middle of paper ... different methods the most beneficial to me would be the quantitative scenario. I feel that the hypothesis is the area I want to research from the problem that I stated. It is also the most assessable for me to do compared to the other two methods. I am a business teacher and I work on reading comprehension in my classes to help my students understand reading their lessons better. I have many students with learning disabilities in my classes so I would be able to do the study in a class of my choosing. I love anything to do with technology and I am always looking for the best possible technology to use in the classrooms to improve student’s reading comprehension. Students with learning disabilities have trouble reading at grade level and if there are ways to help them improve with all the different technology out there I would like to know about it and use it.

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