The Problem of Keeping a Secret in The Scarlet Letter Essay

The Problem of Keeping a Secret in The Scarlet Letter Essay

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Throughout The Scarlet Letter, everyone had some form of a secret they’d rather not share, but sometimes not telling can do more harm than good. At the end of the film, Hawthorne left us a quote saying, “Be true, be true, be true.” Hawthorne is trying to say keeping secrets isn't always the best because it only leads to someone getting hurt.
            Everyone at some point has lied and kept a secret, but it depends on the situation you're in. In the first scene, Hester is pressured to tell the truth about the father’s name, but Hester refuses. This is an example of keeping a secret in order to keep someone else from harm; which in this case in Pastor Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale is a well known, honorable man who the town looks up to, but Hester doesn’t want for him to ruin his name, even if it means she has to live in ignominy. There are numerous accounts of secrecy displayed throughout the movie. In The Scarlet Letter it begins with Hester Prynne and her child, Pearl, being brought forth onto the scaffold to confess the father’s name. With his hand over his heart, Pastor Dimmesdale b...

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