The Problem Of Jose Chavez Essay

The Problem Of Jose Chavez Essay

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Jose Chavez is a 25-year-old Latino man who served in the Afghanistan war. Jose was born in Montebello, Ca and later moved to Lancaster, California in his pre-teen years due to the divorce of his parents. Jose grew up as a normal child as any with the circumstances he was given of a divorced family. Jose lived with his Dad, Step-Mother, sister, step-sister and nephew in Lancaster, Ca. In high school Jose ran into some issues with school performance not due to lack of intelligence consequently resulting from the divorce of his parents. Jose’s mother lived in Walnut, Ca whom he only saw every other weekend. Jose’s biological mother was an overprotective mother growing up who would coddle him due to being the only boy, Juan has three older sisters. As in many families there were conflicts amongst the siblings growing up being the only boy made the family scenario a bit harder for Jose. Jose’s dad worked night and tried best he could be involved Jose’s wrestling, football and baseball growing up and was very supportive of all his sports.
Jose decided to join the Navy in his last year of high school and was scheduled for boot camp directly after graduation. During Jose’s time in the Navy he married a woman and had a child. During Jose’s deployment, the marriage started to fall apart and upon return he found no wife at the residence and no money in his account. Nonetheless Jose had to decide where he was going to live which landed him living back on the ship. Jose originally enlisted in the Navy and expected to be stationed on a ship throughout his duty yet due to the shortage of men in other branches of the military and the trainings Jose received consequently made him temporarily transferred to the Army. Jose was deployed into combat...

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...iences kept haunting Jose. Once Jose did sleep it was very hard to wake him up due to the combat reaction he would display of ready to attack.
The new marriage started to slowly dwindle with no true connection between Jose and his new wife. Jose paying for the whole household including for the kids of his new wife created more stress. The end result was Jose pulling a gun on his wife and then himself luckily his new wife call the police immediately. The police saw the signs of Jose being a veteran and Jose was transported to a hospital for observation to assure he would be okay. All guns were removed from his home and the marriage was decided to be resolved.
Once the marriage was under way of being resolved Jose started to feel less stress and was capable of finding a job and cope with life on a better level. Jose found a job that he loves and closer to his house.

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