The Problem Of Infectious Diseases Essay

The Problem Of Infectious Diseases Essay

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There are many countries that are underdeveloped Congo which is the largest country in Africa and comes in 2nd as one of the most underdeveloped countries. Infectious Disease is defined as diseases that are our contracted through several ways such as air droplets, blood, mucus, etc. Infectious diseases are commonly on the rise depending on what type of disease it is. Many underdeveloped counties are unaware of infectious diseases are and unware that one many be carrying and can be contracted to another human. Congo healthcare is extremely poor; over the years their health care fell apart and failed living facilities poorly equipped and understaff of medical professionals, there are no wages available from the government to pay the health care professionals.

Infectious diseases that are closely monitored in the US and underdeveloped countries may and may not be aware of what these diseases are or have little or no knowledge of what the side effects are would include such as the following:
• Tuberculosis – spread to air as bacteria that attacks the lungs
• Measles-spread through person to person direct contact, as well as through air droplets. Leading cause of death regarding the young
• Menigococcal meningitis-spread through air droplets that can attack your brain mechanisms
• Malaria-Is associated when bitten by another species
• HIV/AIDS- transmitted through sexually interaction or bodily fluid exposure
• Pneumonia- contracted through airborne transmission
• Rabies-Is associated when bitten a human is bitten by another species
• Hepatitis A- Can be transmitted orally due to un-sanitation and poor environmental conditions
• Hepatitis B- Can be transmitted through boldly fluid due to exposures
• Hepatitis C- Can be transmitted th...

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...o improve health care systems. They recently partnered with Germany in efforts to provide better aid to Congo, unfortunately resources our unavailable to joins task in a team to provide efforts of that they are trying to pursue, only over time that WHO wants to move forward.

In conclusion, there are many countries that are underdeveloped Congo which is the largest country in Africa and comes in 2nd as one of the most underdeveloped countries. Congo suffers from extreme poor sanitization issues, as well as a lack of a health care system including not enough health care professional and the lack of knowledge in order to treat diseases effectively. There is also a lack of significant resources in order to improve their sanitization that causes a high rate of disease. Therefore the issues will continue to grow and the rate of death will probably increase over decades.

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