The Problem Of Illegal Substance Abuse Essay examples

The Problem Of Illegal Substance Abuse Essay examples

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Woodbury, NJ is like any other community in that it has problems that need to be addressed and solved. One of the main problems of Woodbury is the use of illegal substances, especially in the youth of the town. A health education plan is to be developed in order to help solve and lessen this problem. During the previous interview it was determined by their answers that this problem has proven to be on the minds of those in the community. This problem can affect so many in the community. While most problems cannot be solved overnight, nurses can help tackle this problem with a plan, especially community health nurses.

The health promotion need being addressed is the need to decrease the use of illegal substance abuse. The community is feeling this need and desires change as noted in the previous interview of select community residents. Too many lives are being lost, and those that are close to them are being hurt. This issue is also prevalent in many surrounding communities, making this an increasingly growing problem.
One of the interviewees saw drug abuse in the hospital very frequently, and in the adult population nonetheless. So often the population jumps to the conclusion that substance abuse is a teenage issue, when, in fact, it continues throughout adulthood. The non health care professional interviewed was concerned for his daughter growing up in a community with substance abuse issues.
In 2005, an estimated 22 million Americans struggled with a drug or alcohol problem; almost 95 percent of people with substance use problems are considered unaware of their problem, and of those who recognize their problem, 273,000 have made an unsuccessful effort to obtain treatment (U....

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...cepting and receiving treatment is only one of the steps in the substance use battle. After the client has received treatment, the nurse can coordinate aftercare referrals and follow up on the client’s progress (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2014). The nurse can support addicted persons who have relapsed by reminding them that relapses may well occur, but that they and their families can continue to work toward recovery and an improved quality of life (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2014). Continuing support and education is invaluable in helping to solve this community problem.

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