The Problem Of Human Resources Management Essay examples

The Problem Of Human Resources Management Essay examples

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History has taught us that there is no easy way to success when dealing with any company. That it is natural for humans to disagree with each and that we must come to some type of conclusion that may benefit one side of the argument over the other. We have history to thank for all of the acts that America has passed over the past century. Through many cases and trials, we have been able to model many companies on a path to increased productivity. Something that we can apply is that it is not always possible to meet the “bottom line” every oppourtunity we get. That sometimes the good guys win and vice versa. That being said, we are extremely better than what we were in the past.
Human Resources Management has not always been as big of a concern that is today. HRM is extremely necessary in almost every type of company or business today. In many places, the employers were in charge of everything. Whether they had a positive set of morals or were corrupt, the employees always received the worse end of it. Nobody cared about the moral of the workplace or how well everyone works together for the good of the company. The motives were very different in the past than what there are in today’s society.
Most companies back then were only concerned meeting about the bottom line and doing whatever was necessary, even if that meant going against your own personal values and morals to get the job done. Nowadays, companies are concerned not only about the skills, experience, and knowledge, but the essence of your character as well. While this country was founded by people of strong character, it is sometimes overlooked by other bold qualities, especially when dealing with HRM. One of the main goals of human resource management is to connect pe...

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... have a wide range of disciplinary action to go along with it.
Today, we can look back at the idea of Packingtown and know that we have come a long way. From a human resources perspective, that part of Chicago was horrible and ripe for corruption. This book to me is a reminder of how far we’ve come and a motivator to continue to pursue what is right within any given work space. I believe that we should not aim for perfection, but, instead to constantly look to improve productivity. The Jungle is an exaggeration of some of the negative aspects of capitalism in a society. That the “American Dream” doesn’t always work out for everyone. Especially for immigrants looking to make a decent life here in the United States.
In conclusion, The Jungle can be a little too graphic at times throughout reading. I do think however that this is necessary in order to get the message

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