The Problem Of Human Induced Activity Essay

The Problem Of Human Induced Activity Essay

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Earth’s children are entering a time where tragic events are rapidly advancing and are drawing very near. As this horror is being realized, bitterness and distastefulness fills this human mouth as we will be witness to the “modern human-induced,” sixth mass extinction of species. From Ceballos G, and his assessments Ehrlich PR, Barnosky AD, Garcia A, Pringle RM, and Palmer TM, they have strictly proven, through very narrowed, factual, precise data, that proves that the extinction rates are higher than before due to of human activity. He establishes his data referenced on being conservative to not be accused of exaggerating on human impact on Earth, and to show, no matter the difference in statistics, either side proves the sixth mass extinction is approaching. Ceballos’s data has convinced me that the sixth extinction is primarily human-induced activity.
Ceballos states that the background rate is 2 E/MSYs, (with this number, 2 species of every 10,000 per 100 years, it is, “twice as high as widely used previous estimates,”) and comparing it to the current rate of mammal and vertebrate extinctions, species are going extinct faster than their normal extinction rate of 800 to 10,000 years. Here he establishes the unquestioned truth about a mass extinction underway. To further his credibility through his data, Ceballos uses numbers that cannot be questioned on whether or not he is exaggerating. “We ascertain whether even the lowest estimates of the difference between background and contemporary extinction rates still justify the conclusion that people are precipitating a global spasm of biodiversity loss.” He wants to show, through unbiased, thoughtful, and conservative data, and thus, has what convinced me that a sixth extinction ca...

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...tive, and high conservative situations. It shows that highly conservative rates since 1500 for vertebrates are 338, and since 1900, 198 and conservative vertebrates since 1500, 617 and 1900, 477. Being conservative, the number of species going extinct, are a lot more than it should be.
Ceballos convinces his audience in a most-of- convincing arguments of data that species are entering a mass extinction due to human-induced activity. With his research and his assessments, he convinces me that there is an extinction through his conservative, precise, unshaken data on rates of extinction between the past and now. He shows that the rate of extinction now has multiplied in the years since Homo sapiens have caused an impact on biodiversity loss. Ceballos uses particular data, data display and explain how much Homo sapiens have caused extinctions in Earth’s biodiversity.

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