The Problem Of Human Change Essay

The Problem Of Human Change Essay

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From our first breath to our last, every person on Earth is in a perpetual state of change. Some of this change is physical, some of it is mental, and all of it is important. One of the most obvious instances of human change is seen throughout adolescence. During this time, both our bodies and our minds change very rapidly, nearly transforming us into completely different versions of ourselves. While it is true that this period of the human life does contains the largest amount of both physical and mental change, it should not be thought of as the only time in our life where change is acceptable. At any other time, though, change is usually looked at as negative. In many texts, when an adult changes, they are usually viewed as fickle or even as a liar. This mindset is a dangerous on, as it leads us to believe that if we find ourselves changing throughout our life we are defective. The largest debate against this idea can be found in novels and films that fall into the genre of Coming of Age. This genre describes many novels and films that revolve around the time of adolescence and the changes that it brings. Texts that revolve around this theme not only highlight the importance of growing up and becoming an adult, but also the importance of human change and development at any age by discussing the idea of self-discovery, overcoming fears, and the pursuit to do something more. The lessons these texts have to teach children and adults alike can assist anyone who fells like their life is at a stand still and they are no longer happy.
Something that many coming of age novels and films have in common is the idea that the main character must discover who they really are. Many obstacles, usually involving high school bullies or judgment...

... middle of paper ...

...y year they make a New Years resolution to go to the gym more, but not many people succeed in that. The only way anything is going to change is if something inside yourself changes.
While it may seem strange for an adult to enjoy a story about the trials and tribulation of childhood and growing into adulthood, there are actually many relevant lessons that can be learned from these texts. This is due to the fact that children and adolescences are not the only people who are constantly growing and changing. Humans do not stop developing as soon as they become adults, yet that stigma has been thrust upon society. The texts that I chose all support this idea by discussing the importance of finding ourselves, moving forwards, and finding what makes us happy. These are not things that we must only do as children, but things we must practice throughout our whole lives.

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