Essay on The Problem Of Hiv / Aids

Essay on The Problem Of Hiv / Aids

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It wasn’t until Magic Johnson revealed that he had been victimized by HIV in the 90’s, that people took notice that HIV could affect anyone, homosexual, heterosexual, famous or infamous(Spector 2).Before magic case HIV had been labeled as a “gay disease” and had been widely ignore by heterosexuals(Spector 2). Since many famous celebrities before magic had succumbed to death a few months after contracting the disease many expected Magic to follow suit and his name to go down in history as one of what could have been, but never was(Spector 2).On the contrary the exact opposite happened, instead of relying on self-pity, anguish and despair, Magic lifted himself and helped others that were in the same predicament, hence undergoing a transformation from one, of the most revered basketball stars in the 90’s to being the most avid of HIV/aids advocate for the minority whose inability to afford good health care, put them at harm way, of succumbing to HIV/AIDS in the 21st century (Spector 2).
Although HIV is no longer the death sentence it was back in the 80’s, it remains a thorn even in our modern societies. For instance, HIV treatment is exponentially expensive, and can only be afforded by people residing in developed countries. In fact most third world nations, are still in the 80’s as far as HIV treatment technology is concerned. In 2011 alone over two and half million people died of AIDS, with the continent of Africa topping the list (Gallo 267). With prices, for HIV medication up the roof and the virus becoming more resistant to medications there is nothing such as a happy ending for 50 million people world wide still leaving with the disease (Gallo 267). The clock is ticking not just for the forty million, but also, for the sci...

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...n the end only Kaprowsky knows .
To even consider those who we trust with our life may have invented the worst disease that has cause over 26 million fatalies so far is unimaginable(Gallo 266). Hoopers theory is not neccesarily a smoking gun but it does raise questions on the credibility of doctors. Hoopers intentions in writing his book the river wasn’t to point a finger but to raise awareness of how often medical errors occur with the minority being used as the guinea pigs; Nevertheless, for magic and all the millions of people living with AIDS the fight continues, a fight to decrease aids fatalities and find a cure, in this fight only one person has been cured so far, the famous berlin patient but as for the other forty million there is reason to hope,that in this developing technology that one day AIDS will be a dark history, surely nothing lasts forever.

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