The Problem Of Health Care System Essay

The Problem Of Health Care System Essay

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The TED Talk referenced in this paper made some great points regarding health care for those who have mental health illnesses and how the life expectancy gap can be around 20 years less for those who suffer from a mental health disorder (Patel, 2016). Quality of Life (QOL) and the Disability-Adjusted Life Year (DALY) are two things that classify burden of disease for those who suffer from illnesses, and not just mental health illnesses but also from medical disorders such as pneumonia. The main point of Patel’s TED talk was that the vast majority of those who need care do not receive it and the shortage of mental health professionals around the world has become a problem, and his solution to this is appointing lay counselors who are trained with the community to be health care professionals. Patel cites several studies in his speech that have researched this over the last decade and there are some great results for countries like Uganda and India. I am for this all-involved health care system because I believe it increases access to mental health care services where it would not normally be provided but definitely needed, and could be cheaper or even free for those without insurance. The all-involved approach could also be beneficial because it could reduce stigma in the community by training and appointing those in the community to task-shift and become health professionals when in need. Possible disadvantage of this approach could be that the care provided by these appointed in the community needs to be monitored and surveyed often by trained medical professionals and would have to be on the same level of effectiveness as a licensed mental health professional.
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...d their caregivers will receive the care they need even when a mental health professional is unattainable because of distance to care or insurance coverage. The advantages are that there will be more access to health care and possibly cheaper to those without proper insurance coverage and it could reduce stigma by getting the community involved in their mental health care. The possible disadvantage is that these workers in the community need to be trained and supervised by mental health care professionals in order to ensure effective quality of care. I think public policy has passed some interesting legislation throughout the years on mental health care and it is becoming even more prevalent as a need as tragedies keep happening in the United States from those who did not receive the mental health care they needed. This all-included system hopes to fix that problem.

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