The Problem Of Health Care Providers Essay

The Problem Of Health Care Providers Essay

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Culture is perhaps one of the longest existing concepts in human history. There are so many cultures around the world distinguishing some people from others through the practices and behaviors that come with those different cultures. It was not a problem to set cultures into categories. However, in recent years what was once not a problem is now an issue with the recent number of immigrants to the United States increasing. According to, the number of immigrants to the U.S. in 28.4 million in 2000 which is a huge jump from 19.5 million in 1990. To set things straight, the problem here is not the number of people and vast cultures in America. The problem is health care providers not being as able anymore to differentiate the cultures to continue to address people in culturally competent ways. Not many people realize the importance of being culturally competent. Although America is a melting pot of many people with differing cultural backgrounds, their cultures do not have to melt away and dissipate within that melting pot. The idea of the melting pot is to not make everyone a clone of one another but rather to have everyone coexisting peacefully by remaining cultural competent to avoid unneeded tension within a system as important as the health care system.
Before we can discuss how to specifically solve this issue, background information on culture must be given. To make things easier to understand, I will mainly be referring to the practice of circumcision because it is a significant practice in many cultures. Circumcision has been practiced for many years in hospitals as it is seen as generally a safe procedure. It has more benefits than risks. The health benefits that come with male genital circumcision includes its pr...

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...ions, shock, hemorrhaging, difficulty passing urine, infections, sexual problems, menstrual problems, infertility, pain, and death to name a few. And the practice of bloodletting leads to an increase of distribution of AIDs and HIV, excessive blood loss, and the act of cardiac arrest. Knowing about the many cultural practices can help healthcare providers remain culturally competent while still helping to steer the patient in the right way. Being culturally competent ensures that every patient is treated with respect and dignity at their most vulnerable state. But ultimately, they can do so much and the patient is given the decision to go through whatever he or she wants. Just knowing about the culture of a patient, even if the practice is not done at the hospital because it is deemed unsafe, is already an improvement in the direction of a true American melting pot.

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