The Problem Of Health And Medicine Essay

The Problem Of Health And Medicine Essay

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Health & Medicine
Health is considerably one of the most important things an individual should worry about. Health is essential for day to day activities and can determine how long a person has have to live. However, there are many problems with the current health system today such as drug companies taking advantage of numerous individuals. It seems that health is not prioritised for the right reasons. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Medical Sociology is defined as “concerns with the relationship between social factors and health.” By this definition medical sociology classifies under Conflict Theory. Conflict theory “suggests that issues with the healthcare system… [is] rooted in capitalist society” (Openstax 2013: 444). Conflict theory is used to explain the inequality in the healthcare system through drug companies and high healthcare rates.
There are many different brands of drugs that have the same chemical components to help with certain biological needs and problems. However, the main problem is that there is an overdose amount of drugs on the market that do relatively the same thing but with a different brand name. Many companies are re-using drugs with the same chemical components, renaming it, and claiming that it will help with certain physical or mental pain. This is also known as “me too drugs” (Ridberg 2006). They are drugs that do the same thing and contain the same chemicals but are differently priced because of marketing. The reason why companies do it is not for the good of the people, in fact the majority of these “me too drugs” do not accomplish what they are suppose to. The reason companies do this is to gain a profit when one of their drugs is out of patent. This ensures that they will st...

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...ere are things citizens and individuals can do such as protest and join different types of movements in order to get their voices heard. The only issue with the movements is that since our society is root deep into capitalism, change for the better of society is not easy.
Health has been commoditized. It has been taking into something that everyone has the right to have, into something you can only obtain if you have enough money for it. Drug companies and insurance companies are taking advantage of people with the increasing prices to just be a healthy human being. The problem with the healthcare system is that it is too attached to capitalist ideals. There is too much inequality going on with class because health now has a price tag. This is a macro-level problem that is happening all around the world. Health is now something you have to pay for in order to have.

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