The Problem Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

The Problem Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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It’s 2050, the population is 10 billion, famine is a thing of the past and people are eating apples that taste like kiwis and purple bananas. This future is all possible because of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. And the GMOs are possible because the first people experimented with them. The first pioneer of genetically modified organisms was monk Gregor Mendel in the mid- 1800’s. With pea plants, he was able to hypothesize the nature of genetic inheritance. And the founders of recombinant DNA were Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer with their transfer of E. coli DNA from one another. And with the ever-growing population of the world, the planet will run out of space to grow enough food unless we use GMOs to enhance yield and pest control.
One of the problems without GMOs is famine. Some famines that have happened in the 21st centuries were the famine in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, and West Africa. All of these famines could have been stopped or even prevented with GMOs. Having GMOs would mean more food per square foot and better seasons for the food, so more time to grow. “In 2 years, more than 250,000 people died in the famine of Somalia. 3.8 million people died in the Democratic Republic of Congo famine,” (Wikipedia 1). But even if a country isn’t in famine, people still die of malnutrition and starvation. “It is said that about 7.7 million people die of hunger or hunger-related causes every year and 2.6 million of those people are children, but with GMOs people will be able to eat food full of the necessary nutrients that they need and hopefully not die.” ( 1)
Another problem without GMOs is how expensive the food is. One of the biggest reasons people die of starvation is because they are in e...

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...scientists doing the research will need government funding. They would also need the recognition of citizens that GMOs are not bad for you, because, without that, there would be no point in proceeding with the research if nobody is going to buy the product. And if people were to like GMOs more, the government would be more lenient to fund GMO research. And the help of private sector would also be good for research.
With the implementation of GMOs, food would be less expensive, easier to obtain, and better for us. All that would be needed to get the GMOs researched and produced would be scientists in the field of GMOs and government and private sector funding. One way you can help to get GMOs into every market is to write your local or national government to get them to fund a GMO research team to better the future for you, your children, and generations after that.

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