The Problem Of Gang Related Issues Essay

The Problem Of Gang Related Issues Essay

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On December 2, of 2010 Mexicans troops captured a 14 year old boy from the U.S. named Edgar Jimenez. He was a hired hit man for one of Mexico’s most vicious drug gangs. He nickname was the stoner because all the beheadings he committed were done while he was high. This chapter focuses on the problem of gang related issues and what causes juveniles to be so intrigued with them. The beginning of the chapter focuses on the impact of youth and there relationships and then how gangs came to be. From there the chapter moves into describing how the gangs act and how all are different form each other. And finally why youth join and what police are doing to prevent it.
Although experts feel parents are the main influence and attention to kids in there early years, from ages 8-14 juveniles look for a stable peer group who over time grows in size and the variety of the friendships as well. Youth who show signs of inadequate or strained peer relations are the ones most likely to become delinquents and those who continue here delinquent friendships are more likely to engage in antisocial behavior and try drugs. One would assume kids who are delinquent would be less involved with a romantic partner but it is quite the contrast because delinquent’s tend to be more involved with he or she’s partner. Experts believe this happens because of the weak bond between youth and there parents and the oncoming of adult attachments. Peer relationships has the biggest effect on kids and possibly why they choose to associate with those types of people. For example kids who smoke will look for other smokers because it will encourage there habit. At this age kids are looking for loyal people to become there friends which leads to making gangs because they ...

... middle of paper ... 55 should really have been more mature to realize that gangbanging is a immature act that he should of fazed out of. I look at the 14 year old boy who was beheading enemies of his gang and it makes me think of how mentally disturbed he must in the head to commit such an act. I found the views to be quite interesting and they defiantly opened my eyes to the different reasons for why juveniles would join. I also think its good that the courts, law enforcement, and the community are all stepping up and trying to put an end to gangs. I think the gang sweep idea is extremely beneficial because it will scare future kids from joining out of the fear of being caught in a random check. I think some kind of educational program should be put in place that encourages kids to go to school because I truly believe education is the key factor in changing the minds of the people.

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