The Problem of Evil in Our World Essay

The Problem of Evil in Our World Essay

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During World War II about 65 million people died, during the famines in British India about 27 million people died, during the fall of the Ming Dynasty about 25 million people died, during the Stalin Dictatorship about 20 million people died (White), during the Boston Marathon Bombing three people died (“Boston Marathon Terror Attack Fast Facts”), and according to the Central Intelligence Agency out of 100,000 people, 839 die per year (“The World Factbook”). Have you ever wondered how many of those 829 people are actually murdered, stripped out of their lives? 5.3 out of every 100,000 people are murdered yearly and most of them are innocent people (“Assault or Homicide”). Even though the world has always strived to enforced justice in humanity, evil always finds the way in the cracks of society. We can perceive the results of its presence all around us: in wars, disasters, hunger, among others.
The constant presence of evilness in life has led many people to question its source and the reason behind it. Most of the approaches taken to answer those questions are from a religious point of view. However, the issue with this approaches is that a new series a questions surface, including questioning the omnipotence of God himself. Religion has taught us how God is morally perfect and omnipotent (Tooley). That belief has existed for so long that now it is practically hardwired into our brain. It is because of that belief that we are unable to understand how God being morally perfect can allow so many catastrophes around the world to happen all the time. Those questions raised in relation to God are described as issues with theodicy (Cunningham, and Kelsay 102).
In a literal definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, theodicy i...

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