The Problem Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

The Problem Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

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The Problem of Ethics
“It might be impossible for Harvard to teach ethics,” was what Chuck Colson, a former lawyer, a politician and devout Christian, noted after discovering reports on one of the school’s ethics classes. A businessman who had taken an ethics class at Harvard University, described it as “practical pointers.” However, Mr. Colson argued, in an article, that Harvard’s philosophical relativism makes it impossible for them to teach “real ethics.” Upon discovering this article, Harvard Business school invited Mr. Colson to deeper describe his opinion during a “Distinguished Lecture series.” Mr. Colson spoke to a class packed with student and expected to be booed, and drilled with questions. However, instead of receiving tough questions, he only received calm comments.
Mr. Colson stated that it is impossible for Harvard University to teach real ethics, because of its background philosophical relativism. This statement helped to formulate the leading argument of his speech. Mr. Colson’s leading argument was that “to do what is right, people need not only the intellect, but also the will.” He argued that a society without a foundation of moral absolutes, and a moral consensus cannot survive very long. He also argued that the reason there is a lack of sound policy is the result of the secularized views in America and the opposition of looking at biblical revelation.
“To do what is right, people need not only the intellect, but also the will.” This statement made by Mr. Colson explained that many people don’t do what is right because they don’t have the will to do so. Many people in today’s society only have the will to please themselves. Colson explained that, during his life experiences, he...

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...hat when people do good, it is a result of a moral impulse, were good supports for his arguments. Understanding that Christ actually provides one with the will to right was another good point that he made. Overall, I agree with all of Mr. Colson’s points. I never really acknowledged the fact that having Christian values provides one with the will to do right. Neither did I view the chaos in the world as a result of the lack of moral consensus of the world. Christian values, as Mr. Colson pointed out, provides us with the truths and wisdom needed to live righteous live and develop strong and healthy communities. Mr. Colson made a really good point when he said, “That which I want to do, I do not do; that which I do, I do not want to do.” From this I realized that without Christ I lack the will to do right, but with him, I am driven to do right and what pleases him.

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