The Problem Of Equality And Equality Essay

The Problem Of Equality And Equality Essay

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From the day this country was founded there has been the problem of equality. In those days the problem was whether or not the English had rights to take over the land and push the Indians westward and in these days it 's everything from the workplace to even clothing. The issue continues and I don 't see it coming to a serious halt anytime soon. I myself am all for equality and I mean equal rights for everything for everyone. If A is ok for a man why shouldn 't it be for a woman? And if AB is ok for a man and a woman why shouldn 't it be ok for two men or two women.
When it comes to the workplace, men and woman have been treated unfairly for as long as the institution of work has begun. And not too long ago it wasn 't socially acceptable for a woman to work or educate herself, in order for a woman to even be comparable to a man she has to be 100x better and work 10000x harder than he does. For every dollar that a man makes, a woman makes 77 cents (10 Surp.) That statistic isn’t taken between two unequal positions, so what makes a man more qualified to make more money than a woman. Women earned less than men in 99% of all occupations (10 Surp) If we live in the land of the free where we believe in justice and equality, why does your gender determine how you are treated?
Abagail Player, a writer for The Guardian, believes stereotypes play a major role in the workplace. She states “…surveys and experiments show that women are generally perceived as more "communal" and "loyal", whereas men are described more as "protectors" and "competent".” (Player). So basically people believe that women are more social beings and men are more aggressive. Men are looked at as being Alphas and being beneficial to both businesses and the economic ...

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...t meet them because you want to live up to the expectations as a woman.
The conversation on equality is one that we will be having for years to come and I don’t think will ever end. It is natural to want something from someone that you don’t necessarily think you have to do yourself but the problems with gender inequality and to the extent that it has gone has become more than enough reason for change. When it comes to social equality, there is a lot to handle because most times we feel how the media wants us to feel and a lot of those inequalities are societal norms. Workplace inequality on the other hand is something that shouldn’t take years to change and figure out and change. The only thing we can do now is look for change and make changes within our own lives that could almost create a ripple effect. We can change the world as long as we can change ourselves.

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