The Problem of Environmental Pollution in Malaysia

The Problem of Environmental Pollution in Malaysia

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Countries strengths are measure by it politics, economic and social but beside this, environment change is needed in Malaysia for the better of the future development, educate and lead Malaysian to more value with the environment. While government should protecting and preserving the environment.
Malaysia biggest problem is the environmental pollution. Although people already know how harmful these things are but they still go on. The three main pollution that happen in Malaysia are air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. Mostly pollution effect by the air conditional that release CFC’s gasses, rubbish that been thrown to the rival and open burning. All of this pollution will be link to all kind of diseases, sickness, bacteria and virus. For an example lung cancer that will happen to people cause by breathing the polluted air that been create by Malaysian themselves.
Nowadays many of Malaysian don not take our earth seriously, they are use to they bad habit of throwing rubbish anywhere as long as they feel comfortable. For a good example look at the rival in Malaysia is no longer clear and crystal blue in colour and along our street full of rubbish without the dustbin. Is that a government wrong or the community carelessness? No matter how, it still will come back to us, by physically harming from the air they breathe and the water they drink and by mentally feel stress out and get temper easier. When this attacking us our standard of life style will be dropping.
Everywhere Malaysian go or stay we been interact with pollution. If the pollution continue worst what will happen to our future children that we call future leader. In that case,

What would happen to our country? And what is the point of view by other country? The dark
Time will occur start with economic downturn, political unstable, lost of confident level of the investor for the reason of diseases that present that time. It is also possible that they are no more country we call Malaysia.
In the 21st century, the world has changed in many ways. Some changes have improved the quality of life and health for many people. Others have affected people health and causing different kind of pollution that is harming the environment. That is technology we talking about, it is apply to every one of us in daily life, example the motor vehicles and factory it all producing dangerous and harmful gasses to the environment but we can not live without it.

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That is why great changeless is needed to over come all the problem without continue harming the environment.
First of all government should always create an awareness campaign to the public. Let the public to get the message that our environment need to be protected and encourage Malaysian to join together to make a more friendly environment. Good management from the government have to been done; make some research on how to manage all the waste with not harming the environment. Government also can invite all the scientists to shared about they successful plan on how to manage the rubbish. Beside that government officer should do they job with full responsibility; always do a check on those factories whether they have followed the standard of releasing the gasses to the air. If not punishment n fine need to been giving out without no doubt. Other than that government can also make more rule and
Regulation to protect the environment and not to forget restructure the punishment, only with this Malaysian will wake. Also find the alternative way to changes the use of gasses and energy to more friendly environment example solar energy.
Not only the government should play the role, parent also need to do they job. Parent is advice to educate their children with all the knowledge about important of environment. Other than that, train those little children a good habit to how to manage the rubbish n waste, and of cause it must start from parent only our children will follow. Not to forget to give those to closer to the religion and their own God only that will help them to love everything include our mother natural.
As a conclusion all the Malaysian should love the environment like loving their love one. If not it will reflected back to us or to our new generation. Furthermore Malaysian should follow and understand the word of prevent better than cure, and also take a chance to make the change, it will be a better tomorrow.
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