Problem Of Environmental Degradation And The Environment Essays

Problem Of Environmental Degradation And The Environment Essays

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Suresh Shrestha 1
Suresh Shrestha
Prof. Remington
Solution to Environmental Problem

"Save our planet", "Go Green", "Think Green" these and other slogans are well known for everyone. But not a single one of us want to spend a second to think about them. Environmental problem has been the number one problem in this 21st century and also has been the most discussed topic globally all over the world. Environmental problem has been constantly increasing and what now is considered to be a threat to our planet and our entire human civilization. Global warming is constantly increasing and it’s affecting our climate and the environment like never before.
Over the past few years our global climate has drastically changed and the main reason behind the problem is over population and the careless human behavior. If we don’t take any decisive action any time then the consequence could be catastrophic, but luckily there are many ways to solve the problem of environmental degradation and maintain the environment. Global warming is the major cause that is damaging our environment and other following causes are modernization, over population, and air pollution so to control the environmental problem. First we must control them and address those problem collectively in order to sustainably survive in the planet earth. So, further we will discuss more about the solution to the increasing environmental problems.
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Global warming is increasing day by day and it’s causing more and more threat to human existen...

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... create awareness against the humanity in order to control the environmental problem and save our planet earth. However, the environmental problem is tough thing to handle, but every individual must try their best and work collectively to address the present situation and the depleting condition of our environment, so that the environmental problem can be reduced to some extent. Now it is the time for every one of us to look for the solution and preserve what we have so that it can be shared with our future generations. We must now control the population, less use the available energy source, preserve our water resources and use alternate source of energy limiting the use of fossil fuels. Let’s save our mother earth, lets save humanity, and today from the very moment I am engaging myself in preserving my environment so, are you engaging yourself to preserve yours?

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