The Problem Of English Speakers Essay

The Problem Of English Speakers Essay

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least one foreign, 38% of which could speak English. Therefore, the attitude and belief that English speakers need not learn a foreign language because ‘all foreigners can speak English fluently’ is fundamentally false.
There may be numerous reasons as to the apparent lack of English speakers, but it could be said, in my opinion, that if Esperanto were introduced as the way forward for international language competence, the shortage of foreign language speakers within the UK and abroad could find its solution. In addition, it must be considered that Esperanto is not merely pushing for linguistic change, but also cultural and societal change. Noam Chomsky writes, “…to a concern for human language which would appear to be a prerequisite for such evolution of society and culture.” As aforementioned, Esperanto and its maker, L.L. Zamenhof, advocated ethnic acceptance and cultural tolerance. In recent times, despite the apparent slipping cultural and ethnic acceptance in western society, which, at face value, focuses on religious origins and nationality, one of the cultural barriers and contentious issues among ethnic groups is the matter of language. Language, in my view, is one of the essential means to integrate groups into a society, and possibly an issue easily solved by a promotion of foreign language speakers in our society. Esperanto, with its philosophy of accessibility to all seems, in my view, to be an acceptable, conceivable solution to ours shortage of language speakers in this country. According to The World Post (in partnership with The Huffington Post), our society must fully embrace tolerance and cultural diversity with a view to saving natural conflicts. In 2011, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said, “Our pr...

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...hen mentioning that Esperanto is considered by them to have been attacked by organisation such as that of The Financial Times. However, one member of the forum writes, “Of course there is widespread teaching of English throughout Europe, but the results of that time and money are poor. I’ve lost count of the number of times [people] have told me something like, ‘I speak English since nione years,’ but are unable to direct me to the station!”
            Logically, the teaching of Esperanto to Europe’s 500 million inhabitants would be more cost effective, according to both Debating Europe and me. In our society two major barriers to the negativity towards Esperanto are the two major urban myths: that everyone speaks English, and nobody speaks Esperanto. These two factors are central to the argument and to the European mentality that has a proclivity towards the use of

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