Essay The Problem Of Eliminating Hunger

Essay The Problem Of Eliminating Hunger

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Eliminating world hunger is an obtainable goal if a few small steps are put into place, with the focus being on growing more food. There are many options that should be utilized in the effort to end world hunger. If under developed countries were taught how to farm their own food and given even minimal supplies and tools it would eliminate a large percentage of the hunger complication. Education is another important dilemma that relates directly to under nourished countries such as Asia and Africa. In the United States there are many government sources for women and children to assist with food sources such as WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Other countries could implement similar programs to help eliminate hunger. Of course more food donations would prove beneficial but when that is no longer sustainable, families should learn how to transition and live within their means. All of these ideas are possible solutions to eliminate worldwide hunger.
There are already several international nonprofit organizations to assist in ending hunger. Unfortunately that only goes but so far in finding a more permanent solution. By reducing poverty it would in turn reduce hunger by opening more local markets and added trading opportunities. All of the referenced solutions will require a significant amount of effort and organization from wealthier groups. There is enough food around the world to feed every person but one of the most immense challenges is moving that food to where it needs to go. As the population increases, so does hunger. Access to forms of birth control in under developed countries is almost nonexistent but is essential. If programs were in place to educate on re...

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...e that community’s chance and by doing so, could cause a chain reaction. If every community could reach out and teach this vital knowledge to one other community, the hunger rate would drop immensely. Instead of relying on outside sources for food, the community would be responsible for growing their own food. Once set into place, it would be almost an immediate change. But in order for that to happen, there has to be a program set in place that is willing to donate the necessary tools and supplies that are needed to start farming. Once learned and mastered, the farmers would take care of the rest once taught how to. Eliminating worldwide hunger is not something that is going to happen overnight. It will take a substantial amount of effort from wealthier countries that are willing to help. Men, women, and children die every day from malnourishment and there is a cure

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