The Problem Of Drug Testing Essay

The Problem Of Drug Testing Essay

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Becoming an ever more present topic of controversy in today’s world is drug testing in selection. With this dispute comes a multitude of ethical dilemmas. Some believe it is an infringement of rights while others believe it is a necessary requirement for workplace safety and organization protection. In the world of business it is important to push the organization for success while maintaining employee/employer safety and consumer satisfaction. One way to accomplish these requirements is to utilize drug testing in the selection process but it is a subject easier said than done.
Drugs are classified as chemicals that affect the brain by blocking, mimicking or altering chemical reactions. It is on this very premise organizations have shifted into fifth gear when it comes to drug testing. Businesses are presented with a variety of drug testing options that range in cost. The most common type is urinalysis due to the fast turnaround time as well as a low cost; this however can lead to a high false positive rate. The second most common type is an oral swab due to being less invasive as well as the benefit of being able to be administered on the spot. The only con presented by this is the test can only detect result from the previous two days. The third type, hair testing, is not utilized as much due to the high cost companies incur. This is the most accurate type of test due to the long life which allows the result time window to show the previous ninety days. The last type, blood test, is considered to be the black sheep of testing forms. The reason being it is highly intrusive as well as mainly looking at current health issues.
The four stages an employer can drug test is Pre-employment, work related injury, random stages, and rea...

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... with the dilemma of not being able to distinguish those candidates who use it recreationally verse medicinally. Employers have to walk on broken egg shells when it comes to this subject due to the strict privacy laws as well as the potential for a lawsuit.
Organizations however have the option to send their employee to an Employee Assistance Program. This program is intended to benefit the employee by resolving current problems and point them in the direction of additional help if it is a problem that may be long-term. This program however is not just for chronic drug users, but also covers a range of behavioral issues, counseling services, etc. The EAP is not just offered to employees but to the employers as well. The question at hand now, “Are the consumers affected by the ethical dilemma of drug testing? Are they effected by employees under the influence?”.

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