Essay about The Problem Of Diaper Diapers

Essay about The Problem Of Diaper Diapers

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Even though cloth diapers are known to be more environmentally friendly and cost less, neither cloth nor disposable diapers are better than the other, since each type of diaper has their own sets of pros and cons. Many parents feel pressured to cloth diaper or feel guilty for using disposables. I set out to find out which type of diaper is truly the superior diaper. I didn’t fathom how the many determinants there were in figuring this tough dilemma out. Some things that are taken into consideration are cost, environmental factors, what is best for baby, and the gross factor.
Amy Allen Clark, from Diapering 101 tells, “A breakdown of the cost of disposables cost $2,862.72 over a three year period.” This should be considered an approximate because some children take less or more time to potty train. I don’t know how they are calculating this cost, it seems incredibly on the high side. It does not take into considerations of couponing. I personally do not pay more than $5 a pack, and a pack gets me through a week. That is $20 a month times twelve months equals $240 a year.
Brand could also be measured in the cost of diapers. Pampers are more expensive, and store brands are the least expensive. I use Huggies because they are less expensive than pampers and coupons are more readily obtainable. I buy them when they are on sale, so occasionally I can get them for less than the store brand. I checked Walmart online diaper prices and the prices differ accordingly; store brand called parents ' choice was $19.77 for 144 diapers, Pampers is $37.94 for 136 diapers. That is a vast difference! The breakdown of cost per diaper is .14 cents versus .27 cents. That is almost double the cost per diaper. Naturally, you get what you pay for, so I a...

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...that you spent on them in the first place by reselling them.
There are coops and reselling groups on Facebook for cloth diapering. Parents can get excellent used condition cloth diapers for ½ of the price of new diapers. This is what I used to accumulate most of my stash. There are local Facebook groups for buying, selling, trading, and swapping. There are also Facebook cloth diaper swap groups that reach out across the country with 20,000 or more members. There are groups for specific brands of buying, selling, and trading cloth diapers. Then there are groups just for the love of cloth diapering, so parents can share triumphs and tribulations in cloth diapering. There are also work at home mom’s that have made a business out of making and selling cloth diapers. This is where style, personalization, and the charming amusing part of cloth diapering comes into play.

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