The Problem Of Crime Rates Essay

The Problem Of Crime Rates Essay

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For many different reasons, crime rates are known to be higher within cities or urban areas. According to Richardson and Vil (2015), African Americans who live in urban areas are more likely to be exposed to violence or neighborhood violence. Richardson and Vil (2015), also mentioned that because African Americans are exposed to violence, they have a lower chance for good opportunities. Richardson and Vil (2015), mention that Shakur (2004), felt as if engaging in violence was “like a job” for some African Americans living in the city. They felt as if violence was a full time occupation, and that, that was all blacks could really do.
Causes of Crime within Cities
According to Glaeser and Sacerdote (1999), crime rates are much higher in big cities, than they are in small cities or rural areas. They mentioned that one-third to one-half of crime in urban areas is due to single female households (Glaeser and Sacerdore, 1999). This is because if the child within that family does not have a father figure to look up to, it can cause the child to get involved in dangerous criminal acts. Research shows that not only does single female households have an effect on crimes within urban areas, but there are also other variables such as drug use and gang violence that has an effect on it as well (Glaeser and Sacerdore, 1999). Glaeser and Sacerdote (1999), mentioned that crimes are more likely to happen in the city because the criminal has a better chance at getting to more victims.
According to Krivo and Peterson (2009), and the National Neighborhood Crime Study, 79 cities throughout the United States showed that residential segregation is associated with crime within nonwhite neighborhoods and some white neighborhoods. The researchers ment...

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...ously mentioned, this act led to the creation of the “ghettoes”. Even though racial discrimination in the sale and rental of housing was prohibited, urban neighborhoods were still experiencing extreme residential segregation, especially among blacks (Shihadeh and Flynn, 1996).
Theoretical Perspective
There are two popular theories that could be helpful in explaining how white flight had a major influence on income and crime: social disorganization theory and the racial tipping point theory. First, the social disorganization theory was developed in Chicago by Shaw and McKay (1942). The social disorganization theory mainly focuses upon the community and why certain areas experience higher levels of crime than others. This particular theory also argues that failures or lack of organization within a community could cause that community to experience high crime rates.

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