Essay about The Problem Of Creative Funnelling

Essay about The Problem Of Creative Funnelling

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With the advent of mass media came the problem of creative funnelling: a few people would create the material that audiences of previously unheard of numbers of people would see, hear, or read. Popular authors, musicians, filmmakers, and others of a similar bent would become tastemakers, able to present their thoughts efficiently and articulate those thoughts in a way that would resonate with their consumers. Along with the distribution of new ways of thinking and fresh perspectives, though, came the distribution of prejudice, racism, and sexism, in forms both new and old. The start of the internet era has been no exception - an overwhelming majority of most positions in computer fields, from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to programmers, are occupied by white men, an issue that stunts the growth of information technology. Access to information is fast becoming some of the most lucrative business available, creating classes of people whose wealth comes from computers, and enormous sections of the population have very little voice in the creation or use of that wealth.
First, in order to lay a foundation for this argument, one must look at the numbers involving race and gender in the tech world. CNN compiled data relating to diversity in five major technological firms and released the results as an interactive graph (Pepitone); this section will focus on one sample, that of Intel, the largest company of the five. The most apparent gap is in management: 35 of 41 officers or managers are white, with 29 of the 35 being white men. Nearly three-quarters of the upper-level management at Intel are white men, then, while there are no Black or Hispanic managers at all (the remaining six managers are Asian men). Digging a little deeper reveal...

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...g around at the rest of the website reveals a conversational, easy, buzzword-laden tone not always fit for a research paper, the nature of the conversational tone in this article was entirely appropriate. The fact that Fast Company bills itself as “the world 's leading progressive business media brand” makes it clear that the organization will have some bias to it - neutral sources have less to prove in summaries of themselves - but that editorial bias is at a minimum during the recorded conversations. Bias largely comes from the questions the author directs at the people in the room, and those questions were very relevant to the subject of race in the workplace which this paper discusses.
With a minimally biased record of frank discussions from primary sources, this article was a very useful one in developing the argument about race’s effects on the tech workplace.

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